Toddler: Offering Alternatives

I pop into our local library whenever I can while my children are at clubs. I was looking for books that they might enjoy in the children’s section. A mum and her toddler were sharing a bean bag on the carpet when the toddler slid down the bean bag they were balancing on. She immediately said “you did that on purpose!”. The coach in me wanted to offer an alternative…

Mummy: “Would you like to sit with mummy on the bean bag while we read this book?”
Toddler: “No!”
Mummy: “There’s a chair here, would you like to sit on the chair?” or “Do you want to turn the pages?”


M: “Do you still want to read this book?” or “Do you want to turn the pages?”
T: “No”
M: “Do you want to choose another book?”
T: “Yes”
M: “About a dog/dinosaur?”


M: “Do you want to play in the park, it’s just stopped raining?” – it may be energy release time…

When we are offering alternatives; we tune into our toddler’s feeling. When they are heard, they feel part of the fun, small tweaks can make a difference, it’s a win/win. Chose one alternative as you don’t want to overwhelm your toddler with choice.

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