Social Media for Parents: 3 Ways to Help Teenagers and Social Media

Youtube Icon 96 Social Media for Parents: 3 Ways to Help Teenagers and Social Media

Teens on Facebook and YouTube may not be aware of the implications of their actions displayed on social media. It’s up to parents and cares to guide the journey for our teenagers and social media.


A high school in Louisianna set up a Facebook Confessions page. The administrators picked up a pupil’s message which they believed indicated she was carrying a gun. Not all parents at the school were aware that the school had this page for pupils. The school confronted the pupil and the matter was swiftly dealt with. This page appears to encourage interaction for positive communication, kind of like a replacement of a playground “friendship bench” but for teens, however, pages like these can by no means substitute real life connections.

Coaching tip: Children left out of social groups can be included in a number of different activities; there will be some way of interacting if not at school, then in the community. Keep going until you find it.


Is your child looking to dating sites to find a partner? abc action news, Jim Kiertzner reports that girls are being lured by predators outside of the US and putting teenagers at great risk. As the sites are not in US territory they play by “different rules” says the FBI . Here’s what you as a parent can do to help your child:

  1. Contact details – teens must not put their phone number or email address for general view on these sites. Chat to your children about the dangers of entering their details on youtube.
  2.  You have the power to put a stop to this – They don’t have to perform to threats and they have every right to seek help immediately.
  3. Aninimity isn’t cool when you’re dating – If the dating website allows people to sign on anonymously, don’t use it.

Help in the UK -CEOP. Recommend a site in your country that parents can turn to for help.

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    US Parents may find this site very helpful: i’ve found it helpful for all parents.


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