How to Increase Your Company’s Productivity

140313 How to Increase Your Company’s ProductivityIn an interview on Radio 4’s Saturday PM, 1 March 2014 Lord Glasman made it clear that valuing the workforce and introducing vocational training would be a strong advantage for business, following the German business model. Adam Afriyie suggested healthy competition without monopoly would shape the future economy. This would invite innovation and healthy diversity for our marketplace, perhaps on a scale we haven’t seen before.  Ten companies have made a head start.

Innovating for Productivity

Where could companies look to increase their output? Maximise their expertise? Widen their community?

One way could be for organisations to collaborate with relevant educational institutions and factor in a work/life balance for families. Part time working parents could job share, on some scale with student apprentices.  This may provide students with work experience to enter the ever demanding job market. Organisations could benefit from an increase in productive output. Combining apprenticeships with working parents could spark a vibrant dynamic. Read more »

Social Media: How Bullying is being Tackled

socialmediasolutions.png Social Media: How Bullying is being TackledOrganisations, government, individuals and schools are working for and with our children to tackle bullying in whatever form, helping parents along the way.


Two MPs Helen Goodman and Claire Perry have called for legislation to protect children from social media sites. Facebook’s policy director for the UK and Ireland, Simon Milner, argued that these companies are not based in the UK and won’t abide by UK laws.

In my opinion, it would not take much for parents worldwide to all stand together and demand cyber bullying support on sites, I may be bold to say, but I do think all parents share the same safety concerns for our children. UK sites could perhaps link to sites like Childline. This would reassure parents that if their child did not feel able to speak to them, there was help at the click of a mouse to support their child, should they need it.

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A mother’s love

heart A mothers loveA while back I attended a Doula course and wish I had known at the outset of parenting what learnt on this course. I learnt that giving birth is a natural cycle, it’s beautiful and should be celebrated and not controlled, let go, go with it and love it. I learnt that my instinct to hold my baby when she cried herself to sleep at night was right and that made me realise why every fibre in my body was alert until she rested during controlled crying; she just wanted reassurance that she was not alone. When she awoke crying during the day, she just wanted to know, yet again, that she wasn’t alone in the world, she had been cozied up in my tummy for nine months and at times the space all around didn’t reassure her. I didn’t have to follow a clock, she came with her own cycle, it was the only time in our lives that time would unquestionably stand still and we could have our own flow. I didn’t have to stimulate her with activity after activity as a toddler, just being together and letting her know she was loved was enough, there is plenty of time for hectic schedules later. There is no rush to learn what you will learn at school, your time there will come soon enough. Learning from life is just as important.

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